PV: Why Veterans Day Is Important


Aaliyah Simmons

Ryan Maurer

By Ryan Maurer, Staff Reporter

There are about two million active duty American soldiers in the world right now, that’s almost double the entire population of San Antonio, and There’s too many U.S. veterans to count but it’s estimated that there’s around twenty million alive right now. We’ve created a holiday as a way to celebrate and thank our troops, that holiday is called Veterans Day.


Veterans Day celebrates the soldiers that protect America. Veterans Day is celebrated on november 11, it originated in 1919 and was called Armistice Day. It was finally recognized as a holiday in 1938.


The United States military is split into five branches, the Army, Navy, Airforce, Coast Guard, and the Marines. The Army is the branch that fights on land, and is it the third largest army in the world. The Air Force uses planes, helicopters and other vehicles to fight in the sky. The Navy operates in bodies of water using ships. The Marine corps is an elite force that serves on land. The Coast Guard patrols the coasts of the U.S.


Veterans day is a special holiday that holds a place in many people’s hearts and is one of this country’s most important holiday. We should all be thankful of what our soldiers do for us.


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