PV: What is it like to be in a military family

Jose Bermudez, Staff Reporter

Living as a military child rough,but not hard. If your parent is in the military,they will come home late like around 6:30PM. I have one of my parents in the military and they come home late. That means you got make dinner around 5:00PM. They might be working through a computer,but it depends on what they are in the military. They won’t be the same if they when to a different country like my parent. They will me more strict about things and be more serious.

Now let’s talk about what my parent does in the military. Which means we are talking about my dad. He is a Chief Engineer with a ranking of CW3(Chief Warrant Officer 3.) He used to teach and go somewhere else to fix wiring and other things,but now he is retired. When I mean other things,I mean fix buildings,demolished buildings,fix wall frames,etc. He can be gone for two to  three days. A week even depending if it’s serious.

We move back-to-back to the same states and islands. The first was Texas,to Hawaii,back to Puerto Rico,to Missouri,back to Texas. I know its a lot of moving,but it is planned to stay in Texas depending if my dad’s new job moves us. Moving is hard because you got to find a house to the place that you are going be placed in. The number of how many times I move is six if you were wondering.

Being in a military family makes be stronger because I don’t get offended easily. That means I have some thick skin. It also makes me determined to do things like make good grades,push your limits when doing sports,make better choices in life. I know that if I keep on doing this, I’m going have a good career,make good friends,and have a great life. That’s how being in a military family makes me stronger.