The importance of Veterans Day

Amber Berry, Staff Reporter

Veterans day, originally known as “Armistice Day,” dated back on the anniversary of the end of World War 1 Nov. 11, 1919. Veterans day became a national holiday back in 1938, for congress had passed a new resolution for annual observance. Veterans day pays tribute to all American veterans for serving our country.

In 1954, president Dwight D. Eisenhower officially had change the original name, Armistice Day, to its current name, Veterans Day. Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and France all celebrate near or around the date November 11th to commemorate veterans that served around World War 1 and 2.

The U.S navy, founded under president George Washington in 1975, and has an approximately 320,000 serving. It has a worldwide reach consisting of 100 international ports with elite groups like navy SEALs and navy divers. A sailor working in the navy generally serves for 4 years.

Army, oldest branch of U.S military, was founded in 1757, by congress at the end of the revolutionary war. There are currently 500,000 soldiers actively serving in the U.S. with another 550,000 serving in reserve components.

U.S. marine corps was established the day of Nov. 10, 1775. There are exactly 194,000 marines actively serving currently. It’s a armed task force dealing with offence.they have developed groundbreaking for maneuver warfare.

The U.S air force was founded by signing the national security act of 1947. There is precisely 310,000 active duty personnel. The air force missions consist of air, rapid global mobility, global attack, precision engagement, information superiority, agile combat support, and space superiority.

The U.S coast guard originated Jan. 28 1915. It has 40000 serving on active duty. Even though it operates under department of homeland security during peacetime they can however be transferred to the navy during times of war, as they did in World War 1 and World War 2.