Social Media Detox; Is it Necessary


Aaliyah Simmons

Sophia Simon

Sophia Simon, Staff reporter

Social Media Detox for a Week: Is it necessary?

Social media -websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

I watched a social media detox on Good Morning America where teenage girls decided to give up social media for one week. It showed the girls having results of sleeping better and not fighting with their parents as often.

I think the social media detox on Good Morning America was not accurate because not all social media is bad. I will admit there are certain types of toxic social media sites but, there are apps that are considered social media that do not have so many negative effects.

Yes, there are some social media that doesn’t have a lot of negative effects. For example, Wattpad, it connects different unexperienced authors and different readers.There are even  websites that are considered social media that offers platforms that mainly are for people with mental health issues who needs help and support that can’t afford a therapist or a counselor.

More thoughts I have on this subject which are about the girls who participated in the social detox and how their problems were solved by giving up social media.

One problem that many of the girls had was they were not able to get enough sleep. The girls said without social media they were able to sleep better. In my opinion that is not a problem with social media but having self control and knowing when or when not to use your device. Instead of giving up social media for a week another option is to turn off your device or put your device in another room at the time you should be sleeping.

The girls doing the detox said that they did not fight with their parents as often while doing the detox. I personally think that fighting with parents is a disrespect issue or a relationship issue between you and your parents and it is not a problem with social media.

The social media detox was not necessary.