PV: Growing up in a military family isn’t that bad


Silvia Makori

Silvia Makori

Silvia Makori, staff reporter

Growing up in a military family could be both easy and hard. The reason this could be hard is you will move a lot and might find it hard to adjust to the move and meeting new people. I understand how it is like to be in a military family because my dad is in the military.

According to brobible.com being in the military is good because you can get free/discounted flights, healthcare, travel, vacation, and college. These pros are great because they can take a lot of stress off your back. Although these are some good things there are some cons.

Brobible.com also stated that free healthcare could be bad because you are not allowed to sue if your doctor does a bad job. For example, you go in to get a surgery and your doctor cots of an umbilical cord, you can’t sue because you get what you pay for. Your family is also not allowed to quit. In the military, you have a certain amount of time to serve, and unless you die you have to serve it.

I lived in Africa with my brother, Stephen Makori, mother, Naiomi Morah, and the rest of my relatives; while my dad, Richard Mangongo was in America serving the Military. My brother and I always thought America was in the clouds and since my mother found it adorable she never corrected us.

We always spoke of how one day we would come to America and see dad. “When will we see daddy?” my brother and I would ask. Our mother would usually soothe us by saying, “As soon as he can bring you” or “Be patient, remember he lives in the clouds and it takes a while for him to get here.”  

Then one day it was finally time to go. As soon as my brother and I came to America, my dad got deployed a week later. My father leaving was really hard because we had just got here. It did not feel fair that he had to get deployed almost instantly. It was also hard because there was a language barrier between myself and everyone else.

This forced my brother and me to learn English very fast. I have to say we had the honor of being under the care of one of my dad’s friend while he was deployed. I had a really great time with them and they took care of us like we were there kids. Time flew by while we were under there care because of the fun we had.

My father was gone for almost a year. In those few months we had started school and learned to speak English fluently, we also met a lot of great people. Even though I missed my father during that time, I really enjoyed the fun adventure I had.