PV: My experience of growing up in a military family


Silvia Makori

Jared Haug

Jared Haug, Staff Reporter


Growing up in a military family meant moving quite a bit my dad was in the army and eventually led to my family moving to Germany where I was born. Not too long after that we moved to Virginia, but I was still too young to remember much of  any of it. Then we moved to Texas where I was raised after a little while of living there my parents got divorced and my dad went to Iraq.


My dad came back and I’d go to his house every other week,and stay at my mom’s house the other weeks.That went on for a while until my dad moved again because of the military to Washington state. I would visit him every other holiday and summer break for a few years and then he moved again.My dad has been in the United States Army for about 30 years now and he’s retiring next year. I personally plan on going into the airforce to serve my country and also for the benefits that come with it.


Overall growing up in a military family isn’t that bad, because I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people.