National Junior Honor Society make the grade, give back

Aeris Gee and Samantha Gobert

Students in NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) are intelligent people who help the community by volunteering. In NJHS there are many roles such as President, Vice president, Secretary, and Treasurer/Public Relations.

The Faculty Advisers are Mrs. Behnsch and Mr. Patel, the President is Kolbie Chase, the Vice-President is Denzel Papillon, the Secretary is Zoe Gamboa, and the Treasurer/Public Relations is Alyssa French.

Some may continue NJHS throughout high school. Zoe Gamboa is one of those students. There are many reasons why students got inducted to NJHS. Kamile Kukleryte, 8th grader, got inducted by having an average of 93% and above.

Students in NJHS have to help out in their community by doing volunteer work, for example, helping out in school, volunteering at an animal shelter, or helping at a soup kitchen for the homeless people in the vacinity.

The officers have different roles in these kind of events, they meet weekly to discuss future projects. “I know we are doing lots of community service projects, but as the secretary, I’ll be keeping track of the minutes of service,” said Gamboa.

NJHS will help them in the future like getting into National Honor Society and into a good college, “I will be able to learn team skills for the future,” said Kukleryte.

Students will have to help out in the community and in school to make a difference. Tons of students enjoy helping out in the community, ”I like the feeling it (community service) gives me, It’s like making a small, yet large difference,” said Gamboa.