PV: Why I am grateful for Mrs. Garcia

Abra Sinayoko, Staff Reporter

By: Abra Sinayoko

Math isn’t my best subject, and I think I will always have an issue with it. I am grateful for having Mrs. Garcia because she has actually made math easier for me. She explains problems in ways that my peers and I can understand in an enjoyable way. She is overall just a kind and funny person.

Other reasons that I’m grateful for Mrs. Garcia is how helpful she is. Once I had a lot of trouble during a unit with slopes, and she guided me through it step by step. Now, slopes are a lot easier for me thanks to her.

She provides us a lot of notes and reviews to prepare us for tests and keeps us updated. But what I like the most about Mrs. Garcia is that she believes in us, and encourages us to try our best in our work.