Personal view: Preparing for Region Band

Auditioning for anything can be nerve-racking, but auditioning for four judges against the top players of your instrument from each band in your region is beyond nerve-racking. On Saturday, November 5, the Dobie Honor Band students will be auditioning for the District 11 Region Band. Preparation has begun.

Region Band is a band made up of the best junior high players in the region, and it is a great opportunity to be around other great players. This will be my second Region Band audition as I auditioned last year too.

Since you are competing against the top players of the same instrument from each school, there is a lot of strong competition and practicing your music regularly is key. Mr. Daniels, the Honor Band Director, said that practicing consistently, not waiting until the last minute to learn your music and scales, and performing in front of people to get used to it are some good ways to prepare for the audition.

Sectionals are held every week either during class or after school to help the auditioning band students prepare.Sectionals really helped prepare me for the audition last year, and by working with Mrs. Myers, the French Horn sectional teacher, I was able to learn my chromatic scale and perfect my audition music. Mr. Daniel said that sectionals are important to attend if you want to make Region Band because” we don’t get a chance to go over all the music in class.”

Even if you don’t make Region Band if you work hard and do your best your efforts will be noticed. Alexis Lee, eighth grade flute player, said that one way she could improve this year was by practicing her scales more, especially her chromatic. The chromatic scale is very important to know if you want to get a good score and hopefully make Region Band, because it is worth the most points in the scale section of your audition.

There are a lot of things that can distract you during the audition such as” being in a quiet room of people listening to you,” Lee said. Something that distracted me last year was worrying about how other people were doing and not focusing on the music. During the audition you should try and be in your own “bubble” so you don’t get distracted by other players. This will be one of the major things I will work on this year while preparing for the audition.

“I’m going to mess up and I’m not going to make it,” said Natasha Ledum, seventh grade French Horn player. “But during the audition it is important to be confident and believe in yourself and your skills.”

“I want students to remember that they’ve done their best and that you can be proud of your efforts no matter the outcome, “said Mr. Daniel.