PV: I am thankful For Ms. Lescynski

Kailee Mishler, staff reporter

By: Kailee Mishler

My language arts teacher Ms. Lesczynski, is overall nice and cares about people. I was in her 5th period class in 7th grade and had a lot of great memories with her. One was that I was working on a project over how to write steps. My topic was how to create a story on Wattpad, a reading site that you create books and read other people’s books. I was describing how things looked in the story as in “press the add button” or “press add title/photo” and so on. She let me get on my phone to make it better described. She usually never let people get on their phones for any reason, except math homework maybe.

I also remember a time where after a test we got to listen to music on our phones. There was a funny time when I was in her Cougar Time and me and a girl named Shanel Marlowe were doing crossword puzzles. We kept taking the words, bunching them up, and whispering it to each other. For example, isjhtga, would be, in our minds, (is – jacket). It was really funny to us for some reason and I made a comment,”ilaktai”. Me and Shanel started dying laughing. We just couldn’t stop and we laughed to the point where we cried. Ms. Lesczynski separated us and I’m kind of glad she did because my stomach hurt from laughing so much and I finally stopped. To this day I still don’t know it was so funny to us. I made some good memories in that classroom and I’m thankful I had her as a teacher.

I would always grade papers and help her out. Ms. Lesczynski would ask me to get the computers from another class room or go take a note to another teacher. You could say I was the teachers helper. She might be strict but she’s a honest, compassionate, resilient, and Kind person. I say resilient because whenever, the class was really loud she usually got us quite quickly.

She taught me most of my grammar. I hope I did well writing this Ms. Lesczynski! She’s the kind of  teacher who I’d want to have because she makes learning fun. The class mostly started with a topic that we wrote about in our journal. Then we would share some to class. Finally we did our work and left for lunch.

Thank you Ms. Lesczynski so much for being an awesome teacher! Sincerely, Kailee Mishler