PV:Why I appreciate Mrs.Hecox

Amarion Miller, Staff Reporter


The reason why I appreciate Mrs.Hecox is because she is such a good teacher.She always cares for all her students she always tries to help her students when they are struggling in class and pushes them to succeed.Out of all the teachers at Dobie I would say that she is my favorite teacher.

The first time i met Mrs.Hecox I thought she was the craziest teacher at this school,she was also pretty funny too she was like one of those teachers that you would never forget.She was a really nice teacher,she loves to  complement students on how they look.

Dear Mrs.Hecox

Your class is somewhat fun you make my days less boring and I am happy to be in your class I honestly wish I had you for every grade.You make math like 5 million times easier.The first time I walked into your class I was honestly a little scared of you but after a week or two I got used to u.I’m  going to miss you once I go to I go to high school.