PV: Reasons why I’m thankful for Mrs. Wetz


Quiera Walker, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Wetz was my 7th grade Language Arts teacher, but now she’s not my teacher anymore since I’m an 8th grader now. I appreciate how she would always help anything that we need help with. She’s actually one of the nicest teachers I’ve ever had.

She includes everybody  in her lessons like she has everyone participate with whatever she’s having us do. And I like that she tries her best to help students learn the stuff that they need to learn about.

Mrs. Wetz was my favorite 7th grade teacher, because she’s like a very helpful and caring teacher. Like when someone doesn’t get something that she’s teaching us she explains it better to where  they would understand. And I know that almost every teacher does it but I think the way she explains it is better and easier to understand.

Kaytlin Frank 8th grade, was another student of Mrs. Wetz who really appreciates her.  “I think that Mrs. Wetz turns learning into fun activities and she makes it easy to understand.” Frank believes that Mrs. Wetz taught her very well. She remembers reading the Giver with Mrs. Wetz.

Mrs. Wetz is her favorite because she thought that her room was a fun, and safe environment to be in, she also likes that Mrs. Wetz helped us understand what she’s teaching us also she makes learning fun. I asked Kaytlin what she appreciated that Mrs. Wetz helped her with and she said, “I appreciate how Mrs. Wetz helped her remember the things she taught.”

Lauren McClellan 8th grade, said Mrs. Wetz is one of her favorite teachers as well.  “I liked how Mrs. Wetz made sure that students understood what she was teaching and if students didn’t understand she put it in a way for those students to understand better,” said McClellan. She believes that Mrs Wetz did teach her well, the lessons that she remembers learning and doing is when we read the Giver and when we did a project on it. “Mrs. Wetz is my favorite because she’s was understanding, and I like how she made learning easy to understand,” she said, adding that she appreciates how Mrs. Wetz really cared about if we understood or not.

Mrs. Wetz- Thank you for being an understanding and caring teacher I love how you taught me and I hope that your students in the future will treat you well and I miss having you as a teacher. THANK YOU I appreciate all the effort and time that you put in to teach me- Quiera Walker