PV: I’m Grateful for Mrs.Dejesus


ava normandin

Ava Normandin, 7th grade editor

Mrs.Dejesus is a nice, caring, and fun teacher.She is always making sure that her students are safe and healthy. She lets her students have fun when working, and she plays music for her students when working.

Mrs.Dejesus always makes sure that all students are on task, and respecting others. She makes sure that there is NO bullying in her classroom. If any of her students outside of the classroom whether or not there the bully or the one being bullied she helps to her best ability.

She helps us catch up by letting us work in class if we need to. She also makes sure we have no missing work, and know what grade we have in her class by posting the grades on a broad in her class room. She tells us our grades after we finish a test or a review test.

She cares to hear our opinions so she can get to know us better and make the classroom a better place. She treats us how we want to be treated. She treats us as adults and trust us.

She answer our questions and doesn’t ignore them. She helps us understand our work. She is always helping us to help us get better grades in her class.

She is a fun, caring, and nice teacher. She is always making sure that we stay safe in the lab. Mrs.Dejesus always makes sure to let us know if we have any missing assignments or absent work. She plays Kahoot every Thursday for us. Overall she is a great teacher to have and I’m grateful to have her as a teacher.