PV: I am thankful for Mrs. Bensch

Alexis Keefe, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Bensch is one of the coding teachers at Dobie. I am thankful for Mrs. Bensch because she seems to genuinely care about her students. Even through all of the crazy stuff that happens throughout the day, with students and computers, she keeps her temper almost all of the time, even when she gets frustrated.

Mrs. Bensch seems to genuinely enjoy her work too, which is nice because it makes learning more fun. When we have a teacher that is excited to help us improve and learn every day, it gives me more motivation to get better at coding and do my work on time.

She also tries her best to make sure that our classroom is interactive and that students can feel free to ask questions and get help from each other. She makes it so that we are independent and working on our own, but are able to get help from her and other students.

I really feel like I can work in her class independently, but still have help when I need it. Having this independence makes learning easier and more fun because we are still allowed to talk, but only as long as we’re still being productive and doing our work on time.

Mrs. Bensch’s class has shown me that doing something as hard and frustrating as coding can still be fun. She is a great teacher and works hard at what she does. At the beginning of the year, I didn’t think that I would do very good in her class, because I’m not great with computers, but she teaches everything step by step, and makes everything easy to understand.