PV: I am thankful For Mrs. Ruhd

Nick Melendrez, Staff Reporter

Mrs.Ruhd, is one of the counselors at Dobie jr. high that I genuinely like. She’s helped me ever since I got here at dobie.She understood what I was going through, and even though nothing has exactly changed I was able to let myself be. Be able to talk to someone which I have had and still do have problems talking, but it’s gotten alot better thanks to her.

She’s really good with having me open up without making me feel pressured to. When I had no one to talk I got to talk to her about it. I wish I could tell her I appreciate her a lot and/or show her it. She’s helped through the down times, and recommended things to help me and I’m thankful.

She’s so nice and so understanding and just one of the most important people in my life. When I get sad she will occasionally make jokes so that I can cheer up a bit. She’s a really great person and counselor and I’m glad she Is mine. The only person i would actually open up to.

I’m glad i can go to her whenever i feel the need to without thinking i’m going to much, or not saying enough to go, or whatever the case is she doesn’t judge she respects what i think.