Pv: Why I’m thankful for Mrs.Wetz

Kaytlin Frank, Staff Reporter


Mrs.Wetz is a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, and even though I’m in 8th grade I am still very appreciative of her. She made going to her class every day and made learning really fun, and had really creative ways of teaching things.

When I was in her class last year she would organize fun activities for us to do. All the ways she taught me last year with poetry and writing skills still sick with me until this day.

Mrs.Wetz is really nice, caring, easy to understand, and she is still my favorite teacher. She makes sure everyone always understands what she is teaching and makes sure that no one gets put on the spot when she’s teaching.

If you were to go in Mrs.Wetz’s room you can tell she always tries to make her room the best learning environment it can be.

Quiera Walker, 8th grader, thinks that all the students should be appreciative of her because you rarely get a teacher like Mrs.Wetz. “I think she’s very nice, and helpful, I love the way she teaches she doesn’t leave anyone out in her lessons,” she said. When asked three words to describe Mrs.Wetz, she said “Helpful, loving, and nice.”

Dear Mrs.Wetz, When Mrs. P.J told me I had to write a thankful column about my teacher you were the first person to pop into mind, because you have been a really nice teacher and helped me understand so many things. Thank you for all the time you put into teaching everyone. Sincerely, Kaytlin