PV: Mrs. Luna is the best teacher


Ava Normandin

Siara Romero

Siara Romero, Staff reporter

I am thankful for my Spanish teacher, Mrs.  Luna. She is so kind and pretty. She always goes out of her way to help her students and makes sure that they understand what’s happening in class. I love how she treats everyone with respect and she is always calm.

Although Spanish is a hard language to learn sometimes, Mrs.  Luna somehow makes it so much easier and fun. She finds a way to turn all the lessons into a fun and entertaining concept to learn. She always remains upbeat and never stresses. Anytime I walk into her class, I feel so welcome. She deserves so much for what she does for all her students.

I think that Mrs. Luna is by far my favorite teacher I’ve ever had. One time, my group of friends and I needed to do our Spanish homework. Mrs. Luna let us stay in her room and get help and do our other homework in there. We ended up staying in there until 4:30 pm, and she stayed with us the entire time.

I cannot stress enough that Mrs. Luna is an AMAZING teacher and she should be recognized for what she does. She is a great teacher and I’m so grateful for her.