PV: Why I’m thankful for Coach Niblett


Ava Normandin

Maya Gutierrez

Maya Gutierrez, dobie news reporter

Coach Niblett is a athletic coach for eighth grade girls at Dobie Jr High. I’ve had Coach NIblett as a coach for two years which I’m very grateful for being under her care. Most students say she is a mean, rough coach, but I mean shouldn’t you be happy that someone is pushing you to your limits, pushing you to be the best you?

I play basketball and I like to play basketball, my parents always ask me if I like to and I honestly do. I am very thankful to have Coach Niblett as my coach to push me. I want to go places with basketball. I mean I don’t plan on being in big leagues for women’s basketball, but I like to play. I do plan on playing in high school and even college, so with the help I get from coach Niblett I am thankful.

Coach Niblett does yell like most coaches do, but she has helped me with drills and plays in general for basketball. When I need help she helps me. This week is our bye week so we’re not doing as much as we usually do and while we take a break we worked more a drills. The other day we were doing dribbling drills and she helped me as much as she could and I started to understand how to do specific things with dribbling.