PV: I am thankful for Mr.Viera


Ava Normandin

Nyla Jorge

Nyla Jorge, Staff Reporter

My favorite staff member is Mr.Viera is funny person and calm me down.He lets us  talk and makes sure we are stay on track when we are talking. Mr. Viera is like my second dad. Mr. Viera can get serious so we have to be quit being loud. He calm down when I’m about to punch someone.

My friend Mackenzie thinks Mr.Viera is the best teacher out of all the teachers. When me and another student are off task he is chill about it. And he is helpful in tough situations. One day I was mad because this girl was say the racist thing and you know me, I going to to yell at you if you say something racist or something your not allowed to say and I was no okay when it Mr. Viera told me that people are going to talk about you and you have to  let it go.

When I talk to Mr. Viera it feels like he understands me. He make thing fun in class and can be mean something but it just to get us on track.

Mr. Viera– you are  a good teacher and you are a VERY GOOD PERSON! Thank you!