PV: Why I’m Grateful for Mr. Contreras

Olivia Wright, Staff Reporter

A teacher that I admire a lot is Mr. Contreras my choir teacher . I admire how he teaches the choir members. He respects other people, works hard and shows honesty as well. He showed several people that  in choir to respect others if you want respect back. For example, when someone’s talking to you to listen and respond back to them, so they know you were listening. Mr. Contreras has taught choir members respect since day one.


Another reason people respect Mr.Contreras is because he misses his own children’s concerts just to be at  Dobies choir concerts. That is something that people should know because he works his hardest just for other students. He works late some days too because he  prints out every single choir members music packet. He wants choir people to learn their syllables, and then they learn the words. Mr. Contreras is amazing at what he does to help people learn and get engaged into the work.


He’s  is honest with students at Dobie. Sometimes he might say something in a way, but he is just trying to be honest. He might  make a comment to you, but try not to take in a harsh way. He’s actually only hard on you when you don’t do your work or of task.  Other then that he is really joyful ,and he will tell you the truth.


Mr. Contreras is the funniest teacher I know. Recently he was playing around, and he put a wig on. He started to talk like a weird lady type of tone. It was hilarious I couldn’t get over it yesterday afternoon. Mr. Contreras is the best teacher you could ever have. Just being here  for at over a month has been an incredible experience with Mr. Contreras especially.


Thank you Mr. Contreras for everything you do for students and teachers too.