PV: I am most grateful to Ms. Johnson


Silvia Makori

Lauren Brochu

Lauren Brochu, staff reporter

Everyone has a teacher that they are most grateful for. The teacher I am most grateful for this year is Ms. Johnson. She always makes math fun even if it’s review or a new difficult topic. She puts up with my dumb mistakes and remarks, as well as when I zone out and listen to Christmas music in October.

Ms. Johnson is fun and easy to talk to. A few weeks ago, a conversation about Starbucks came up and Ms. Johnson said she couldn’t wait to have a Peppermint Mocha. I had already had one, so I said so. We stopped class for about 5 minutes talking about how you can’t decorate or drink anything Christmas or festive related until AFTER Thanksgiving. Right before class ended, I showed her a picture of my desk at home which I had decorated a few days before. I had a white mini Christmas tree with about 30 varied shades of blue ornaments. To the side I had 2 other small sleds and a Days-Till block calendar. When she looked at it she laughed and told me to sit down and finish my homework.

Another memory I have in her classroom is when I felt pretty stupid that I couldn’t solve a problem that everyone was flying past. I went up to  her desk and asked for help, but all she did was look at me and pointed to a 0 that I missed that was crucial to the equation. She just laughed at me and said,”Oh Lauren.” This made me laugh because I just wasted 5 minutes of my life struggling when the answer was practically given to me on the paper. I walked back to my seat laughing at my mistakes.

Ms. Johnson makes terrible puns, so while learning Mean Absolute Deviation, apparently puns are absolutely necessary. During the last week, the entire class (including me) made terrible punny jokes. I was cracking up because the jokes are so bad they’re great.

Mrs. Johnson and I have a fun relationship of sarcasm and jokes. She has a “secret” candy stash inside her closet, so almost every day she pulls out a Reese’s Cup and I just look at her and she says,”I’m sure you got plenty going Trick-Or-Treating.”

Overall, I am most grateful to Ms. Johnson because she makes class fun and something to look forward to.