PV: I’m grateful for Ms. Irle


Brooke Frank, Staff Reporter

I’m grateful for Ms. Irle because last year in 7th grade math she taught me to understand things easier. She made sure I understood things that maybe I didn’t understand right away and she taught me how to understand it. She was super nice to me and made me laugh.

Ms. Irle has a very sweet heart and she makes me smile. Ms. Irle takes care of her students and makes sure

Video editor: Ava Peña
Brooke Frank with Mrs. Irle

they are learning the lesson right. She  gets the job done and always puts a smile on the students faces.

Ms. Irle is one of my favorite teachers from my 7th grade year at Dobie. Ms. Irle is super easy to talk to and is understanding about situations. One time I was talking  to Ms. Irle about some things last year, and she was very understanding and talked to me about it and was super nice to me.

Caleb Nash, 7th grader has Ms. Irle for the 2018-2019 school year. He says she is always helpful. “I think she’s really helpful. I’m not really good at math and she helps me understand the subject better. Ms. Irle is also easy to talk to and understanding,” he said.