PV: My favorite teacher


Silvia Makori

Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones, Sports Editors

Ms.Higgins is my favorite teacher because she is so helpful when it comes to me and other students. Even if there not here students she will still help as much as she can and I love that about her, she was helped so much even when I don’t ask she will help. ms.Higgins is such a happy person and is also thinking in a positive way and she hardly is ever thinking negative nor saying negative things to anyone I have asked many students of hers and they have said a lot of things similar like she is such a positive, happy person etc..                           


Speaking of her personality she has always cared about people even if they are annoying her, and making her really mad she would even care I love talking to her cause she is always happy and positive and I  love that.


She is such a laid back teacher and I am always happy to be in here class cause the vibe that she is always giving off. She is laid back because one she hardly ever gets mad and when she does she forgive the two she is so reasonable, when it comes to grades she understands and she also unders if something else is happening in your life she is not like most of the teacher like most of them just don’t care what your going through she does and she will.


She is super helpful she is always trying to make everyone satisfied and she actually has a sense of humor most of are teachers at are school don’t and take everything to heart and take it so seriously and Mrs.Higgins humor is the best and I love how she plays around with us and does not take everything so seriously


Mrs.Higgins is a very hardworking person and does the most for so much people and i am very  grateful for her and glad I have her as a teacher and could not ask for sweetest, funniest chillest teacher.