PV: My favorite teacher, Mrs.Higgins


Pieper Jones, staff reporter

I am so grateful for Mrs. Higgins, my language arts teacher. She is always in a good mood and has the best personality. Mrs. Higgins is so understanding and just an amazing teacher.

Every time third period ends, I get so excited to head to fourth period where I get to see Mrs. Higgins and my friends. She is my favorite teacher. Not only is she just a nice person, she is so amazing at her job at being a teacher. Mrs. Higgins is a mom of two but still ends up being able to handle all her students.

I have always had a hard time at writing because it has never really interested me but somehow I enjoy being in her class. It doesn’t feel like I am doing much work in her class because she makes it enjoyable.

Mrs. Higgins makes class so fun by letting us collect tickets for answering questions even if we don’t get the answer right. She gives us a lot of freedoms, letting us sit wherever we want and just giving us a choice to be independent. She never yells and always has a fun crazy personality.I really am so thankful to have her as my teacher this year. When people ask me if I like her I say absolutely! I just have so much good stuff to say about her she makes me not feel so nervous and unprepared for Steele.

Thank you so much Mrs. Higgins for being an amazing teacher!