PV: I’m Thankful for Mr.Viera


Silvia Makori

Gabriela Sierra

Gabriela Sierra, morale committee

Mr.Viera is one of the best science teachers I’ve had in awhile. He’s really funny, yet he knows when to be serious. Mr.Viera understands his students, when you’re confused about something he is really good at explaining it for you. He treats us as if we weren’t thirteen year olds, which is awesome because it gets annoying when teachers baby us. He used to be a scientist which is pretty cool. Don’t get it wrong though Mr. Viera will set you straight if you get out of hand.

I’m glad he decided to come to dobie, because honestly I probably wouldn’t be passing science if I had another teacher. I would probably be really confused.

I also like how Mr. Viera lets us do group work, because now in 8th grade teachers don’t do group work at all, even though it’s really helpful because some students, like me, work better in groups. I know teacher don’t like doing group work because the students get too loud, but Mr.Viera doesn’t have a problem getting the class in control. He hates a quiet classroom, but he wont let get out of hand.

I’m grateful that Mr.Viera came to Dobie jr. high because he’s not so serious, he’s really good at his job, and he jokes around. The 7th graders, going to be 8th, are going to be lucky if they get Mr. Viera for a science teacher.