PV: I’m most grateful for Mr.Viera

Ava Pena, Staff Reporter

The teacher I am most grateful is Mr. Viera. He has to deal with a lot of students he also has to deal with me. We all know I can be very loud and talkative and he doesn’t mind it which i’m confused about. Anyways, he is an amazing teacher, he makes sure we understand the lesson really well.

He has taught me a lot about science (obviously), perseverance, tech, and also taught me easier ways to do math and science which i’m so thankful for. He has such a caring heart 100% of the way. Plus he doesn’t  even get mad at us only when we talk a little too much. If i’m being honest I feel like he could just talk all day about science well, anything really.

Mr. Viera has me in robotics, robotics is something. The fact that he’s able to deal with me everyday plus cougar time on Fridays is incredible. Even though in robotics I just sit there and do other work from other classes including yours. He would let me which i’m greatful for cause the other teachers don’t like it when I have to work on homework from a different class. I don’t get the whole Cougar Time thing at all. Its study hall not work on stuff for that class only. Thanks for being a teacher who’s actually nice and doesn’t just pull you outside for being loud or something.