PV: Why I am grateful for Ms. Clarkson

Jadyn Garrett, Staff Reporter


I am very grateful for Ms.Clarkson she has helped me out on many occasions. In my past years of schooling I never liked math, but this year it’s been a completely different experience. Whenever I don’t understand something I can always count on her to help me out.

I appreciate the way she teaches instead of just handing out a worksheet. She engages her students into the lesson so that they understand what they are doing and that has helped me throughout this 2018-19 year.

If you fail one of your tests she either lets the whole class retake it or come in after school to correct it. That’s helped me tremendously, so I can learn from my mistakes and study the questions I got wrong.

She also has an impeccable sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Whenever the office her she has a random burst of laughter and the whole room is stunned by her laugh. It just puts puts all of us in a good mood.

Ms.Clarkson teaches her students in a way where we are engaged and locked into the unit and that is a very important quality in a productive teacher. Because of the way she teaches, we are all productive. We appreciate her.