PV: Why I’m grateful for Mrs.Chitta


Silvia Makori

Kelly Drewes

Kelly Drewes, Staff Reporter

I’m grateful for Mrs.Chitta because she’s a good teacher and she’s really funny. I’ve been in her class for 2 years I joined when I first came to Dobie. I’ve loved the time I’ve had in Theatre the projects and games have been so much fun. I don’t wanna leave Theatre at the end of this year. Hopefully high school Theatre will be just as good.


Mrs. Chitta has taught me a lot I never knew about. She makes funny jokes and is sometimes very sarcastic. She makes all the projects super fun and creative. I have so much fun in that class. I wish it was my last period, but it’s my first.


I love Mrs.Chitta a lot. I wish she could be my teachers for the rest of my life cause i plan to be a actress when I get older and it’s all because of Theatre and because I love acting.


Today in our club we were reading over plays and talking about the UIL play it was a lot of fun because we couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t wait till the UIL play. I didn’t make it into the musical, but hopefully I’ll make it in this one. With a theatre teacher like Mrs.Chitta it will be a blast.