PV: I am grateful for ms.Hemphill


Silvia Makori

Daeya Morgan

Daeya morgan, studelt -life Editor

Ms. Hemphill is my favorite teacher.I am so grateful for ms. Hemphill. She is a C.I.S teacher and she helps kids with person problems. She keeps up with them , and calls them in every once in awhile.  She has helped me with my depression and gave me pretty good advice about friends and school. She has been a good mentor for me last year and this year setting the perfect example on how a black woman should act and live.She always tells me not to be such a hothead and get mad so fast. She helps me calm down and think before I do.

Ms .Hemphill is overall a great woman;she has such a good and pure heart. I LOVE HER! One time I went to her office to talk about why I was so upset. I told her everything that was going on ,which was a lot ,and she made me feel so much better. She gave me really good advice and it helped me a lot.

Ms. Hemphill will always be my favorite teacher of all time. She teaches me something new every time I see her. She is filled with life lessons and i’m so grateful that she is a teacher at Dobie.