PV: I’m Grateful for Officer Hernandez


Silvia Makori

Madison Williams

Madison Williams, Staff Reporter

I am grateful for Officer Hernandez because he is kind and funny. He always makes people laugh or smile even when they don’t want to. During lunch he goes around checking on people and making sure they are ok and safe. He loves to make people happy.

Personally I think that students take staff and teachers at Dobie for granted and don’t tell them how grateful they are to have someone there to teach them anything. They don’t care that they have the opportunity to learn. They think that they will never use any of this information in their lives. One of the most common expressions of students  is “I’m never going to use this stuff!” There are a lot of kids that wish they had the chance to learn.

Officer Hernandez has taught me to care about people’s opinions, caring about other people’s feelings and most important, how to be kind. He is always being courteous of other people and is always wanting to know how to help. He is very kind and has shown me that I should be kind to other people to make good friends.

Officer Hernandez has helped me and my friends feel better a lot of times. One day when Officer Hernandez was doing his normal rounds of walking around checking on people and he saw that my friend was sad. She had just been told that she was ugly in the yearbook and she was really sad at our lunch table. He asked what was wrong and helped us to go a administrator. He is kind of like a counselor, he asks how we feel and makes sure we feel safe. Everyday he asks how our day has been going.

Many teachers don’t ask how students feel and maybe some students don’t want that, but I think it is nice to have a staff member or teacher ask. Some people like talking about their day and I know that I feel good when someone asks me. Even when my friends ask it makes me feel good. That is why I am thankful for Officer Hernandez.