PV: Why I am grateful for Mrs. Preyor- Johnson


Kalandria Luna, Staff Reporter


I am grateful for my third period journalism teacher Mrs. Preyor- Johnson  because she is nice, cares about her students and is a great teacher. On my first day of school she helped show me around. Mrs Preyor-Johnson also helped me fix my schedule.

Mrs. Preyor-Johnson has been helping me since my first day of school. I always look forward to being in her class even on a bad day. Mrs Preyor-Johnson’s class makes my day. She makes journalism interesting and makes me want to learn more about journalism.

Mrs.Preyor-Johnson makes journalism fun and exciting.  She is very kind and is always thinking of other before herself. She makes me look forward to being in school and I really appreciate everything she’s done.

Mrs. Preyor-Johnson  is kind, nice, caring and a helpful teacher. I am truly grateful for my teacher Mrs. Preyor- Johnson. She is such a great person and I look forward to the rest of the year in her class.