PV: social media detox is a good idea


Silvia Makori

Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones, Sports Editors

I think i could be to it because my phone is not my whole life and i am not on my phone 24/7 but mostly on my phone when i need to text etc but i barely am on social media.The experiment I really think it taught the girls and maybe other people that social can affect what you do and what you need to do and can cause you to get more sleep as all the girls said and they they got into less fights with their parents which is saying that social media can cause problem with family and friends      


they had also pointed out things that were positive and that what they liked about social medias for example they said how they liked to keep in concat so they know were the kids are 24/7 but they also talked about how social can be negative on some parts but not everything is a happy place.For example the parents said here is fake news rumors etc..


Also they talked to the parents and got there part of the story when it comes to social media most of the parents said the same thing about social media how it sometimes can cause arguing and how it may be preventing them from doing things like cleaning their room or doing  homework etc..My thoughts about this is that it was smart and it was good for the kids to get a look on everything without having social media for example one girl was talking how they liked it and it was good for them well most of the girls said it but i think it was good idea and good for the parents too.But I think the parents liked it the most cause they got to have some time with them as one of the parents said .


Fake news is a problem on social media because people believe anything these days  especially when it comes to teens. They are cruel,rude and mean .cause people can say anything rude about another person to make them feel bad and you can’t really do anything about it cause one thing that i learned with fake news is that you feel useless and like u can’t do anything and that u feel alone cause you think nobody likes you and you don’t know how they really react cause it’s over a screen .It can upset them and cause way bigger problems.

For more information: https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/story/10-teen-girls-give-social-media-weeks-fared-