PV: Why I’m grateful for Mrs. Clarkson


Silvia Makori

Emily Francis

Emily Francis, Copy Editor

I’m grateful that Mrs.Clarkson is my math teacher because she always gives us a chance when we mess up on something and we get it wrong. Also Mrs.Clarkson is nice and kind to every teacher and student that talks to her. Mrs.Clarkson is a cooperative teacher and she is my favorite math teacher. Whenever Mrs.Clarkson teaches something different almost all the kids understand right away or right after she is done teaching.

Mrs.Clarkson is a good Cougar Time teacher too. Sometimes when people are whispering she doesn’t mind as much, but when they’re talking very loudly Mrs.Clarkson tells them to quiet down. When she gets mad we actually don’t know it because she is always happy. I love Mrs.Clarkson as my teacher and my Cougar Time teacher. Mrs.Clarkson is also a funny teacher because at the end of 7th hour she often makes jokes to where the class laughs very loudly.

Also at the end of 7th hour Mrs.Clarkson lets us talk and be loud but not too loud because we will get in trouble. But back to the subject, when Mrs.Clarkson lets us talk loud some of my classmates play games and have fun without disobeying the rules. Mrs.Clarkson is a very responsible teacher and never disobeys the school rules. This is why I am grateful of   Mrs.Clarkson being my math teacher.