PV: Why I am grateful for Mrs.Behnsch


Silvia Makori

Madison Hambrick

Madison Hambrick, Staff Reporter


By:Madison Hambrick

Dobie News Reporter


I am so thankful for Mrs.Behnsch and I am so glad I had her as my 7th grade College and Career teacher.


I had Mrs.Behnsch was my 5th period teacher which was the longest period of the day and even worse it was right before lunch but Mrs.Behnsch always tried to incorporate fun things into taking notes and always told stories which made the whole class laugh at time and overall made the class such a fun environment.


Mrs.Behnsch can be very strict but it’s a good kind of strict but overall she was the best  7th grade teacher I had and I wish I could have her again as my teacher because she was so amazing, kind hearted, ways wanted to be the best teacher she could possibly be, and  I just wanted to make this to thank her for making 7th grade the best year here at Dobie.