PV: Why I am Grateful for Coach Bruton

Caleb Nash, Staff Reporter

I am thankful for Coach Bruton my social studies teacher and football coach because he is patient and helpful. He has been a mentor for me. He has always hoped for the best for me. Whenever I mess up he corrects me.

He is also a football coach and because I play football he expects me to be a leader and I thank him for that. Coach Bruton doesn’t just teach us the pays and how to do it, he also makes us enjoy the drill.

Coach Bruton also has made me happy when I am sad. Whenever I just need someone to talk to I go to him or whenever I am just having a bad day he cheers me up. If sees there is something wrong with not just me but, any student he is always there if they need someone to talk to or they just want space he will respect what you wish for.

Coach Bruton teaches doesn’t just give us papers and says do this before the end of class he keeps us entertained. Whether it is Kahoot or an video he keeps us entertained. He also keeps us involved in the lesson. He is constantly ask us questions about the lesson to keep us involved.

Coach Bruton also spends a lot of his own time and money for us to have the best supplies whether it is just brown bags to poster boards, he spends his hard earn money on us and I thank him for that. He also spends hours a day just trying to find a fun activity or project that we can have fun on and still get a good grade.