PV: The Problems With Homework

Jonathan Mott

Homework is something that everybody hates, yet it is assigned very frequently despite having few visible benefits. What I mean is that forcing homework doesn’t really help anybody, and I believe it would be less hated if it were optional.

A lot of people don’t do their homework because they don’t really care about school, or their grade. There really isn’t any point in forcing everybody to do it, because a lot of the people that don’t want to do it just won’t do it. You can’t really teach somebody who doesn’t want to learn something. Maybe if their grade went low enough I would understand forcing homework, but when you expect everyone to do it, including the people who don’t need it because they understand the material just wastes time.

You could argue that giving everybody homework helps them learn the material better that is the main purpose of homework. However, people already do not like school, and when you give them work that cuts into their time at home AFTER being at school for 7 to 8 hours, that creates problems. I feel like the hatred for homework and learning, and school would not be as bad if school was shorter, and it would make more sense to assign homework. But school is 8 hours and homework is still assigned.

Most students probably wouldn’t do anything with the time that they do with homework, but I still think that work should stay at school because you get 8 hours of school and most people have to go to bed early because of school as well.

I don’t think that getting rid of homework, or at least not requiring it would make people not hate school, but at the same time I don’t think homework is really helping a majority of students and is just wasting their time. Homework is one of many things that students hate about school, and changing  how it works probably could improve the overall attitude towards school. Not fix it, but improve it, and would be a step in the right direction to improving school.

There are definitely certain situations where homework is a good thing and does really help, but most often it is just hated by the majority, and for a good reason. School is already long so there isn’t much point in assigning extra work.