PV: I Am Thankful For Mrs.Hecox

Shawn Jones, Staff reporter

I want to thank Mrs. Hecox because she has made me more excited to go to math class  everyday. She makes it really easy to learn new things. At first I thought she was going to be very strict and mean. But once after the first week, I started to realize that she was very funny sweet and nice.

The thing about Mrs. Hecox is that she makes math very easy for me. If I don’t understand something, she will help me till I do understand it. I know she is going through rough times but she still stays strong.

As long as you try your best in that class and give one hundred percent, she will give you that same energy back. As long as your respectful she will be respectful to you back, plus she the classroom fun. She is there for her students and always supportive.

Mrs.Hecox, Thank you for being the best math teacher and for helping me understand all the material i need know. Thank you for helping your students and being there for each and everyone of them. Everyone one of your students loves you so much and appreciates you so much. -Sincerely, Shawn Jones