PV: Mrs.Chitta the best teacher at Dobie Jr. High


Trinity Rocha

Delando Johnson

Delando Johnson, Staff reporter

Mrs.Chitta is the theatre teacher at Dobie Jr. High. She does lots of activities and interacting with the students as well as producing musicals, checking and putting in grades, as well as giving students choices as to who they choose in their group projects which happen often.

I appreciate Mrs.Chitta because she is very nice, caring, forgiving, and fun to be in her class. I also appreciate Mrs.Chitta because she is super understanding when you are having a bad day. Other teachers would mostly just say get over it or they would say you still need to participate in class just because you are having a bad day. In Mrs.Chitta’s classroom if you are having a bad day you just simply tell her and she will know not to call on you or provoke you and she might even let you put your head down and relax.

Another one of the many reasons I appreciate Mrs.Chitta is because she doesn’t just do presentations on slideshows ALL the time, Mrs.Chitta gives us educational, fun games that help us with our theatre presentations and/or others games we might play in class. She makes her class fun by doing hands on learning experiences that helps us with our acting and theatre etiquette.

Mrs.Chitta also doesn’t just give one day to do things in her class she gives us the whole day on daily grades and multiple days on test grades that way we can edit it and make it as good as possible and as easy as possible for her to grade. These reasons are so few to the many reasons of why Mrs.Chitta is the best teacher.

Thank you Mrs.Chitta for being the best teacher on the campus of Dobie Jr. High