PV: Thanks Coach Adams


Trinity Rocha

Madison Spencer


By:Madison Spencer

Dobie News Reporter


I am very grateful to have Coach Adams as my volleyball coach this year. I’ve played volleyball for over 6 years but never on a school team. Being put on the team was a dream come true. And at every practice coach has helped me become the best volleyball player I can be. Even though the team might have had bad days we still got over it and decided to work harder. When I got put libero I got extremely nervous, but it was a really fun position. At every practice coach always found a way to make us laugh and have a great time.


At every game i was always shaken up and scared. I took a year long break of volleyball and forgot what it was like to be on the court. We got into a huddle and coach said the words “get out of your head and just play the game.” since then i have been more focused on what i’m doing instead of thinking about it.

If anyone ever feels down coach has a way to make them smile again.During one of the games I made mistake and I felt like giving up, then coach pulled me out and told me to “play my part” that made me feel like a strong and confident volleyball player. I went back out and played the best i can.


Coach Adams is truly the best coach ever and I can’t thank her enough.