P.V: I am thankful for Mr. Bruton

Adrianna McGhee, Staff reporter


I appreciate Mr. Bruton because he teaches in a way that really helps kids learn. He is very kind and understanding. He really wants the kids in his class to succeed and he believes in every single one of them.

In social studies he doesn’t stand in front of the class and do a boring lecture. He does activities or has us read the text book and come to him if we have questions. He is very understanding when it comes to test corrections or quiz corrections. He never makes any student feel like they are stupid. He sees potential in all of his students.

Not only is he great teacher he is also a coach. He works so many hours because he works all day and then goes to coach soccer practice or games. He is a very hard worker and motivates a lot of kids.

He is very kind to all of the students. If he gets upset with you it’s most likely because he believes in them. He knows that some students aren’t meeting their full potential. He believes that everyone can get an A in his class.

He gives everyone a fair amount of time to finish work. He also gives us time in class and tries to make sure we have all the resources at home to do our homework. He helps us review for our test a lot. He even helps us review for the quizzes. Mr. Bruton is over all a very good social studies teacher and I couldn’t ask for a better one.