PV: Why I appreciate Mrs.Cerulli

Tia Bermudes, Staff Reporter

Mrs.Cerulli is an English/Language Arts teacher in 8th grade. I appreciate Mrs.Cerulli the most because she makes her class really enjoyable in many ways.

I like the way she teaches because she goes into detail about what we are learning about. She makes the environment in the classroom very comfortable plus you can tell her anything you’re dealing with and she would help.

For example, sometimes I don’t like asking for help on work, but I’m comfortable asking her stuff because she’s understanding. Whenever we have free time, she lets us listen to music or talk. She’s one of the chillest teachers I’ve ever had because her rules aren’t as strict as most teachers, but if you get on her bad side, she will not be happy.

Whenever we have a project or an assignment the next day she lets us know the day before, so we can get prepared or get all the supplies we need for it. From time to time she likes joking around with her students which makes the class more enjoyable. Even though I have her first period and I feel very tired, I actually enjoy going to her class period most mornings. I struggle with Language Arts most of the time, but now since I have Mrs.Cerulli I feel more confident in that class because of her teaching abilities.

Although Mrs.Cerulli gives us lots of work and projects, overall she’s a great, understanding, and hard working teacher. Thank you Mrs.Cerulli for what you have done!