PV: Why i’m greatful for Mrs. Luna

Kaylee Horn, Staff Reporter


Mrs. Luna is the one teacher that I’m most grateful for. She is always there to help me and she is the nicest teacher I’ve met. I had her last year for college and career readiness and now I have her for Spanish.


When I found out that she was going to be my teacher again this year I was very excited. She was the teacher/ class that i always looked forward to going to in school. Yes, I might have had friends in that class, but she always made class fun and welcoming. I remember one day she let me sleep in her class; I had the flu that week but came to school that Thursday so I didn’t have a week’s worth of homework.


She knew that I had the flu that week and didn’t get mad when I fell asleep.  She would let me work outside if the class got to loud, she let me sit with my friends, we always got our work done and she trusted that I would get my work done


Now that I am in her spanish class, she has no problem helping me out, even on the easy things. I could raise my hand a million times and she will always come to help me out, and she never got mad at me for raising my hand a million times.


And always made sure that I understood what I was doing.


Dear Mrs. Luna,

I’m am so glad that I am in your class again this year. You are an amazing teacher and I’m so glad that I got you 2 years in a row. I always look forward to going to your class. Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve had here at Dobie.

                     Love, Kaylee Horn