PV: Separating Fact and Fiction

Jonathan Mott

In the video a person explains the process that some journalists go through to determine whether information is real or fake. First he talks about a video someone uploaded about a storm, and he found out little pieces of information and ended up learning whether it was a real clip.

The main points were that with the internet there is so much information that you can find most things if you look hard enough. He talks about how journalists have to determine whether certain things are real or  fake, and he used certain things to determine whether they were real. He talks about things like google maps to decide whether the area was real, and used tools to find people and things like that.

Journalists have to check whether certain things are real or fake because there are a lot of people that use the internet and you can’t be sure that  everything you hear is from a reliable source. They make sure that what they are writing is real and from a reliable source.

I believe if the internet is used properly then it is a better resource than people initially think it is. Most people just use it to find basic information and social media, talking to friends, etc. when it is much more than that. It is valuable for more things than are stated in the video, for both journalists, and people in general.

Fake news is  a problem because journalists have to find out whether certain things are real or fake before they can write about them, and inform people about what is going on in the world.