PV: I’m Grateful for Mrs. Mansfield


Jurnee Clark

Trinity Rocha

Trinity Rocha, Staff reporter

Mrs. Mansfield is one of the best teachers! Last year I was in her class, I was really struggling with writing stories and papers but  Mrs. Mansfield really helped me and now i’m writing articles for Dobie news. She always finds a way to help you through any problem.

I am grateful for Mrs. Mansfield because she has taught me so much and I continue to strive in my writing because of her. She is very fair with her students and is very nice. Mrs.Mansfield is one of those teachers who you can talk to and she will understand.

Mrs.Mansfield isn’t strict either. If she does ever have to redirect a student she will be very nice about it the first time. Though I school can be very stressful and boring, Mrs. Mansfield always found  a way to make things fun either if it was presentations, plays, or just regular activities.

Mrs. Mansfield is also understanding on how she grades she will always explain to you why you got that grade. She is also very loving and will treat you like her child sometimes. Mrs. Mansfield is also very outgoing