PV: Why I appreciate Mrs. Higgins


Trinity Rocha

Emma Schaefer

Emma Schaefer, Staff Reporter

I appreciate my English Language Arts teacher Mrs. Higgins. She can joke around and have fun with her students, she is extremely caring, and she is very understanding. She is always willing to help out her students.

When we were writing an essay, she was willing to help us. She had a sign up for the students in case they needed help to fix their essay. Also, she is always walking around the room when we are doing our assignments to make sure we understand what we are doing. I know whenever I need help with something she will help me with the best of her ability.

She is very fair with her students. One time before class I needed to go to my locker and I didn’t want to be late, soI asked her if I could go. She let me take a pass. She lets us take those passes so we won’t be counted late.

She isn’t a very strict teacher. If she needs to redirect a student, she is very kind about it. She is always in a good mood. She is one of those teachers who know how to have fun with her students.

Mrs. Higgins is an amazing teacher and I’m so thankful to have her as my teacher. English Language Arts is one of my favorite subjects, and having a great teacher makes that class even better! I always have a good time in that class.

Thank you Mrs. Higgins for being a great teacher. I love our sixth period! -Emma Schaefer