PV:Why Mrs.Chitta is the best teacher EVER :)

Caitlin Zander, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Chitta is the Theatre Arts teacher at Dobie Junior High. She started last year, and I am grateful. She is a positive, humorous, and just adds excitement to every class she teaches. Her class is the one I’m excited to go to. If I’m having a bad day, going to her class will turn it around.

Every day as I’m leaving my locker, I go and say “Hi.” as I walk past her room. After math class I look forward to go to theatre. Everyday we learn something new and exciting. The projects we do are not always easy, but they’re fun.Theatre isn’t just acting,we learn more about everything to do with theatre from voice and diction to different types of stages and mime movements.

I am glad for everything this kind, wonderful, exciting teacher has taught me through theses school years. I enjoy that everything Mrs.Chitta teaches us, at least eventually, becomes interactive. I enjoy that at the beginning of the year she lets us learn about her a little. To me she isn’t just a teacher… she’s someone I can confide in.

She is very trustworthy and tries to make everything fun and interactive, and for teachers that’s hard to find. She enjoys time with her class and she, in my opinion, always tries to make things as good as they can be, and she does things to the best of her abilities.

If I became a teacher, I would want to teach in the same style as Mrs.Chitta. I enjoy every class with this remarkable, trustworthy, exciting, funny teacher.

Mrs.Chitta I hope you are pleased with this,and I hope you look back on this whenever you are having a bad day. I appreciate everything you do for your classes.I also hope that you will get many more things like this over the years and that you cherish them for years to come  Sincerely, Caitlin Zander