Personal view: Theatre is a great place to be


Theatre at Dobie offers a rich experience in the history of Theatre and provides many acting opportunities throughout the year.

Tracy Berumen, Staff Reporter

The art of theater has been around for many centuries, from the 6th century all the way to the twenty first century. Theater never stays the same; it is always developing and getting better. Dobie is one of the many schools that are lucky enough to offer a drama class. The drama classes at Dobie are taught by Ms. Adkison or as her students call her, Ms. A.  

I started taking theater class in seventh grade and I have enjoyed how the class has helped me make new friends and get out of my shy little bubble. Some students enjoy theater class and love being in front of big crowds, but some don’t really enjoy being up on stage and are shy.  I think that theater is a great experience and can help you overcome yours fears of being shy.

Niya Edwards, a seventh grader, new to the class said, “My favorite thing about theater so far is the warm ups because you get to be crazy and act different.”

The class is a great place to let out that inner child silliness that is stuck inside you. You are able to just laugh at anything you find silly. When Ms. A does warm-ups she says the silliest things like, “Hey Chalupa!” 

Your talent of acting won’t always be stuck in classroom all year long. We have plays that students can audition for, but only those students who take theater class are able to try out for a role. You could audition for a lead role, medium role, small role, or just crew. This year we got a new theater director for our district and we will only be performing two shows, a fall show and a spring show.

In recent years, we have performed three shows at the school of Dobie an arts show at Steele, a Christmas show, and a Fall show. Ms. A was able to add a film lesson for 8th grade drama classes, and she said she is most excited for the film lesson this school year.  

The school play auditions were held September 19 and 20, but for those of you that may not know and are now interested in what the play will be about, I will let you stop holding your breath. The first school play will be on November 1. The theater department will perform The Wizard Of OZ….!!! Ms.A  tried to include as many students in the play as possible to let them at least get a taste of the spotlight and the schedule of a stage actor.

Don’t be expecting a class where you can tell your friends how easy it is because you will meet challenges of acting in front of students in either groups or solo scenes, but it will be the best decision you could make.

Ms. A chose to teach theater because she enjoys it. “It is way more fun than grading papers,” she said. I think we can all agree that we are happy that she made that choice!

We can truly discover if theater is our thing or as Shakespeare once said, “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” Thanks to Ms.A  for giving us the chance to experience theater and for going through all the stress of making these plays the best we can!