Dobie Musical performances were a hit

Total of 31 students perform the True Story of the 3 Little Pigs during 3 performances


All the pigs gather around the wolf and start dancing around him

Delando Johnson, Staff reporter

Hello my name is Delando. I worked on crew. My job was lights. I really enjoyed being part of this musical even if I wasn’t physically in it. All the people in the cast in crew have shaped my life in a whole new way that I never thought was possible. I hope that we all continue to be friends and that we all make the next musical for UIL.

This Dobie musical was a fantastic event for not just the audience but also for the cast and crew. It was a classic tale of the three little pigs but the audience was the jury and they got to decide if the Big, Bad Wolf should be locked up or set free to roam the streets again.

Before the Show 

Before the musical all of cast and crew eats a “pre-dinner”– we had different meals every night — from pizza to fried chicken. After we ate, all of the actors got into costume, tech sets up their equipment and Mrs. Chitta organized the cashier and t-shirts for people who bought t-shirts. After the actors warm-up they do vocal exercises and each actor says one their lines from the musical. After they did warm-up all actors and crew form the Magic Circle. The Magic Circle is where we all got into a circle and we all build each others confidence for when we are about to go on stage. After we break from the Magic Circle we get into positions while we wait for the show to start.

The Story

The Big, Bad Wolf got state his case saying he did not blow the houses down on purpose he just had a terrible cold and when he sneezed he accidentally blew the houses down while trying to get a cup of sugar. When he “blew” down the houses he thought the pigs inside the houses were dead so he didn’t want to leave a good meal lying around so he ate the pigs in side the house. When he ate 2 of the pigs he got to the last house and the last pig called the police where the wolf was taken away and put in trail. The prosecution,Julia, claims that the wolf blew the houses down on purpose and that all wolfs are rabbited animals who belong behind bars. Throughout the musical the characters danced and sang out there versions of the story. In the end the audience got to decide if the wolf was free or if he was guilty. One of the main lines in the songs was “Ahhhh…That sneeze was so mighty, so way out of sight, it knocked the house down to the ground!”

The Cast and Crew

The cast  of 17 students and crew of 12 students put a tremendous amount of work into this musical not only did the cast rehearse for 4 months but the crew put a lot of hard work and effort into building the props, designing and buying costumes, and decorating publicity along with the “Team Pig” and “Team Wolf” shirts. The cast was nervous but overall excited about performing and they were excited and glad to be part of such a wonderful experience that benefited them all not just in Theater but in life in self. I personally feel this was a good experience and that this musical was a good chance to break out of a person’s shell and that this was a good experience for the school of Dobie.

Marquise Hamilton, 8th grader, played the Wolf.  He said he enjoyed the experience. “At first I was really nervous when I saw the audience but then I got into it and just let myself go into autopilot. “Seeing everyone enjoy the show is the best part,” he said. “The nerves before the show is the hardest part. Before Mrs. Chitta opens the doors for the play, she gives us a pep talk. She says, ‘You all know to do, just do it.'”


The Cast

In order to be a part of the cast, each person had to audition.  The cast includes:

  • Lillian Magill… Lindsey Martin (Understudy- Kylie Pavlovsky)
  • Judge Prudence… Keenen Carlson(Understudy- Bella Oakes)
  • Alexander T. Wolf… Marquise Hamilton(Understudy- Aliana Graham)
  • Julia… Piper Kempe(Understudy- Shelby Rettmann)
  • Maxwell… Issac Mokrane
  • Dr. Robert… Kevin Leal
  • Martha… Dyneisha Cromartie(Understudy for Maxwell, Dr.Robert, and Martha- Kyle Cannon)
  • Rocky… Chandler Stewart
  • Pig #1… Kiran Sprout
  • Pig#2… Madison Coryell
  • Pig #3… Xiomara Williams(Understudy for Pig 1,2, and 3 , and Rocky- Alissa Harris)

The Crew:

  • Stage Manager & Tech Director… Craig Howe
  • Lights… Delando Johnson
  • Sound… Kiah Bradshaw
  • Publicity… DeAnne Roberts & Elisa Roche
  • Stage… Scarlett Coley & Keon Berryman
  • Costumes… Clara Pickering & Aaron Jennings
  • Make up… Rory Haecker & Kylie Hammen
  • Props… Kimberly Wagner
  • Director/Producer- Mrs.Tisha Chitta
  • Musical Direction- Mr. Eric Contreras


The Audience:

The audience got to participate by deciding the fate of the wolf. The audience got to decide whether the wolf should go to jail or whether he should get set free, to roam the streets again. The audience also was able to cheer at certain times and they were able to where “Team Wolf” or “Team Pig” shirt to show support for which side they thought was better.