Pv: Coach Adams the best at Dobie

Jurnee Clark, Staff Reporter

I am very appreciative for Coach Adams because she is tremendously helpful she makes everyone feel comfortable. She is a real inspiration and  I can and have learned a lot from her. She is also a good basketball coach.


Coach Adams is always encouraging during athletics. She is always engaged in the activity, Coach is always pushing us to be the best we can be. I enjoy being in Coach’s class she makes it a fun experience; I feel honestly happy in athletics.


I appreciate Coach for various reasons since I have been athletics she has made it a good year so far. I even like it when Coach is loud with us; it shows me that she honestly cares. There are times where I disagree with Coach, but I know that she is my Coach and I have to respect her.


Coach Adams is a real inspiration; I deeply enjoy my first year of athletics. I have learned in so much in Coach’s  class, and I am thankful for the help she gives in class and in athletics. I think that she are a great coach, I am glad Coach came here.


I have never felt more comfortable around a teacher. She makes jokes and makes you feel welcome. Coach Adams is one of the best coaches.