PV: Why I’m thankful for Mrs. Higgins

Camryn Wood , Staff reporter

I’m beyond thankful for my teacher Mrs. Higgins. She is my favorite teacher because she has a very outgoing and humble personality, and she’s funny and creative, which makes her class even more enjoyable to me. She always makes the material that she teaches easy to understand, and she always finds a fun way to teach everything.

I always look forward to going to her class every morning because of how fun her class is. She’s good at making her students laugh and have a good time in her class, but she’s not scared of taking charge if my classmates get off task.

When students in class need help, she will be right by there side and makes sure that they understand everything before they walk out of class. She can teach any lesson a million different ways with no problem to try to help students understand what we learn better.

She goes through each lesson smoothly and slowly so we can really take in and comprehend what we are learning. She shows that she cares about her students success because of how much time she spends planning ahead of time and the organization of each lesson.

She has her room decorated, and it makes the learning environment more comfortable for me. She doesn’t accept failure and she will use any strategy to help her students learn and succeed as much as they can, and that’s what makes her such a good teacher.

I’m very thankful to have such an amazing teacher. Thank you Mrs. Higgins for everything you’ve taught me this year and for being so amazing.–– Sincerely, Camryn Wood